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ITC does not just operate in the field of interpreting, translation and language and cultural mediation. The Cooperative's priorities also include values such as multi-culturalism, integration and respect for different cultures.

The considerable number of members from countries other than Italy has helped to develop our company's multicultural nature. ITC promotes debate and discussion, exchange of values and an awareness of man's essentially 'migrant' nature which thus calls for a frank dialogue between cultures and a path towards acceptance and acknowledgement of diversity.

One of the main activities engaged in by ITC is Right of Asylum: the cooperative provides qualified intercultural mediators, interpreters and translators to State institutions as well as major national and international organisms. Where immigration is concerned, the mediation and interpreting service is supported by constant professional training and up-dating of all its staff and collaborators, involving specialist lecturers and teachers and the heads of national and international organisms responsible for the implementation of migration policies (Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, OIM, Save the Children, Caritas).

The collaboration between the Cooperative and entities such as Caritas, which for years have been engaged in the study of the immigration phenomenon, has been included in a report entitled Statistical Immigration Dossier 2008 by Caritas/Migrantes, that describes the activities performed by ITC and the implementation of policies designed to establish a healthy and worthwhile integration and inclusion process to allow immigrants to find their place within the social fabric of the communities that host them.

The Cooperative in numbers

  • over 2000 selected collaborates spread throughout the entire country;
  • over 100 interpreters of rare and very rare languages;
  • 10,000 hours of consecutive interpreting with State departments and public and private services;
  • 6,000 hours of interpretation, cultural mediation and legal consultancy over the phone;
  • 40,000 pages translated.
  • Over 10 years of involvement in international level conferences and seminars.

Contact Us

Via La Spezia, 6 - 00182 Roma
Tel. 06.489.052.15
Fax: 06.833.909.52
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