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Achievement of high quality standards in interpreting, translation and both cultural and linguistic mediation is guaranteed by the constant professional training and refresher activities in which our operators are engaged, with the involvement of lecturers and trainers with extended experience in migration flows, professional qualifications in sectors and establishments dealing with immigration hosting and receptions, as well as being able to rely on the support of the heads of national and international facilities responsible for the implementation of migration policies.

ITC performs the following activities:

  • translation services;
  • interpreting services;
  • language and cultural mediation services;
  • training and teaching the above subjects;
  • immigration call centre and political asylum management;
  • language courses;
  • it organises special courses for individuals and companies, in all languages, with tailor-made training and educational syllabuses.


Summary of the main language and cultural mediation, interpreting and translation activities

The ITC cooperative performs language and cultural mediation, translation and both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for public administrations (Territorial Commissions for the Recognition of International Protection, National Commission for Rights of Asylum; Police Headquarters, Courts, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior), for national and International Organisms (OIM, CIR, FAO, ACNUR), public and private television stations, sports federations, universities, the Holy See as well as for conferences, seminars, congresses and events. In particular:

Ministry of the Interior, Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration – Starting in 2005, ITC provides language and cultural mediation, translation and consecutive interpreting services for the Territorial Commissions for the Recognition of International Protection of Rome, Milan, Gorizia, Foggia, Crotone, Trapani, Siracusa, Bari, Torino, Caserta, Mineo, Verona, Bologna and Florence, as well as for the National Commission  for Rights for Asylum of the Ministry of the Interior, Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration. ITC was awarded the tender for the performance of the service in 2009 and again in 2012;

National Commission for Rights for Asylum and Territorial Commissions for the Recognition of International Protection – COI (Country of Origin Information) research, processing, translation, hardcopy and multimedia publication of information on the Countries of Origin of persons requesting asylum. The activity is performed as support for the National Commission for Rights for Asylum. More specifically: the COI unit is charged with managing and promoting relations with international organisations and government institutions that deal with asylum issues; ITC supports and plans training events for the officials responsible for the decision making process for the Italian asylum procedure (the CC.TT.); it provides language consultancy in the main communication language; it takes part in European conferences on asylum issues and drafts the relative reports; it acts as back up for delegation visits of the CN to its equivalent offices in other countries dealing with asylum issues, to set up bi and multilateral co-operations and drafts comparative reports on the different national asylum systems, as well as identifying best practices; it selects and collects information on political asylum in order to support the harmonisation of European Procedures (CEAS – Common European Asylum System); it manages the 'Eurasil' questionnaires on behalf of the National Commissions;

Asylum Applicant Reception Centre of Gradisca d'Isonzo (CARA) – In December 2012 ITC was awarded the tender published by the Asylum Applicant Reception Centre in Gorizia for the issue of linguistic and cultural mediation services;

National Astrophysics Conference organised by CNAI, (National Centre for Independent Astroresearchers) 2012, simultaneous English – Italian and Italian – English interpreting service;

TIM, Vodafone, Moneygram and Poste Italiane Advertising Campaign, 2011 – text translation and revision for Etnocom-Etnomarketing Srl. Reference languages Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, French, English, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Urdu.

Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior – Central Office for Immigration and Asylum Policies, 2009 – 2010 – 2011, translation services from and to the Romanian language as support for the Central Liaison Organism for the protection of unaccompanied community minors and for the implementation of the Bilateral Agreement between Romania and Italy on the issue of unaccompanied Romanian minors;

Rome Prefecture Immigration Help desk, 2010 – 2011, linguistic and cultural mediation;

First aid and Reception Centre in Lampedusa and the Salindagrande (TP) CARA, 2009 – 2010 - linguistic and cultural mediation;

IOM (International Organization for Migration) 2008, translation services

Papal Lateranense University and Tor Vergata University, 2008 – simultaneous translation into French, English, Spanish and Portuguese (VI European Philosophy Symposium);

CIE (Centre for Identification and Expulsion), Cara (Asylum Applicant Reception Centre) and CPT (Temporary Stay Centre), 2008  - 2009 Lampedusa, Agrigento, Cassibile, Caltanissetta, Trapani, Brindisi, Bari, Foggia, Crotone, and Messina Constabulary, linguistic and cultural mediation;


International Events

RAI Italian Radio and Television, 2012 - European Football Championships;

World Fencing Championships - Catania 2011, translation services into English, French and Spanish of the information leaflets and website, supporting Jumbo Grandi Eventi S.p.A.;

Organising Committee of the Swimming World Championships in Rome - 2009 - simultaneous and consecutive interpreting as well as translations into the main European languages as well as Russian, Japanese and Mandarin;

Millemiglia e G8 Energy, 2009 – translation into English, German, Russian and Arabic.


Professional Training and Refresher Courses

Current Activities: National Commission for Rights for Asylum and Territorial Commissions for the Recognition of International Protection – English language teaching in e-learning mode;

Caritas Special Training School in Rome, 2009 – lecturing, Master in transcultural mediation;

Professional Refresher course for Interpreters and Translators/Mediators of the National Commission for Rights for Asylum and Territorial Commissions for the Recognition of International Protection and for CARA centre mediators, 2009 – Caritas teaching classrooms (28 – 28 February), with the patronage of the Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration of the Ministry of the Interior;

Course on the implementation of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 e ISO 9000: 2005 - 2008;

In collaboration with UNHCR, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, 2005 – 2008 training and refresher courses on political asylum issues, the role and professional ethics of the interpreter and translator/mediator, for the Territorial Commissions of Trapani, Foggia, Siracusa, Crotone, Milan and Rome;

In collaboration with the Caritas diocesana in Rome, 2005 – 2008, organisation and teaching of English language courses.

Translation and Interpreting supplier for EXPO2015.


Conferences and seminars:

National Commission for Rights of Asylum 'Information on Countries of Origin: European experiences compared', Rome, November 2010;

National Commission for Rights of Asylum, 'Interview techniques: European experiences compared', Rome, July 2010;

Rome Libraries, 'Italian language jobs: interpreters, translators, dubbing, mediation' – Rome, October 2009;

In collaboration with SPRAR (Protection System for Asylum Applicants and Refugees), CNA (National Crafts and Small and Medium Businesses Confederation), Catholic Action Noto Diocese 'Europe and the Mediterranean: pressing challenges' Pozzallo (RG), July 2009, Conference organised with the patronage of Edizioni IDOS;

Dante Alighieri Society 'The challenges of immigration. Reception and integration' and 'A Passport for Italy, the Italian language and integration' Rome, July 2009;

Caritas, Statistical Dossier 'Immigrant Businesspersons in Italy: The dynamics of the phenomenon; analyses, stories and prospects', Cagliari-Olbia, March 2009;

Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration, 'Legal migration and social cohesion', Rimini, June 2008;

Naples Oriental University, 'Career Day Napoli – Caserta', November 2008.

The Cooperative in numbers

  • over 2000 selected collaborates spread throughout the entire country;
  • over 100 interpreters of rare and very rare languages;
  • 10,000 hours of consecutive interpreting with State departments and public and private services;
  • 6,000 hours of interpretation, cultural mediation and legal consultancy over the phone;
  • 40,000 pages translated.
  • Over 10 years of involvement in international level conferences and seminars.

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