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Certified quality and constant commitment to providing the best interpreting, translation and mediation services:

The organisational achievements of the ITC Cooperative have been recognised with the ISO 9001:08 quality standard certification for it interpreting, translation and linguistic mediation services. ITC has also been awarded the UNI EN 15038:2006 and UNI 10574:2007 certifications for their translation and interpreting services respectively.
The monitoring process and the handling of feed-back as well as other general notifications play a major role in the provision of high quality services. The need to provide our clients with translations that comply with sector standards have led the Cooperative to develop a complex work process that involves the participation of a range of professionals (translators, reviewers, terminologists, technical and scientific consultants).

The Cooperative is also actively involved in the development of advanced translation procedures and has underwritten a sector Code of Ethics.

No product or service is delivered to a client before having passed all foreseen Quality Assurance controls. The Cooperative identifies a project manager who is responsible for the management of the technical and human resources and the definition of operating processes and the execution and verification of all required checks. This same professional is also responsible for verifying that the expected results and achieved in terms of product quality and customer satisfaction. Each service issued is subjected to standard checks. Specific controls can also be carried out based on a customer requests. The solutions employed by ITC to satisfy the requirements of the abovementioned regulations are described in the quality manual. The updated copy is available on request.
  • rational management of human and technological resources,
  • optimization of organisation procedures and standardization of operating processes,
  • improvement of the entire company organisation,
  • qualitative compliance of the service,
  • reduction of inefficiencies and a lower exposure to the risk of errors.


UNI 10574:2007 STANDARD (Interpreting services)
The service certification issued in compliance with the UNI 10574 Standard represents a strategic communication and transparency tool for the quality of the service, thanks to the active verification on behalf of a Third Party, Independent Organism. The purpose of this certification is to ensure attainment and maintenance of service quality levels in the various different kinds of interpreting. The Standard places a great deal of emphasis on staff qualification compliance via specific forms of training, on how the service is designed and the contract drafted and finally  on how the service is provided and checked.
UNI EN 15038 Standard (translation services)
La norma UNI EN 15038 è specificamente orientata a definire i requisiti riguardanti l'offerta dei servizi di traduzione.  L’attività congiunta di almeno due professionisti: il traduttore e un revisore linguistico con competenze definite e comprovate, garantisce la qualità del servizio, insieme a revisioni specialistiche, curate da esperti dell’ambito semantico relativo.
ISO 9001 en15038 bureau veritas

The Cooperative in numbers

  • over 2000 selected collaborates spread throughout the entire country;
  • over 100 interpreters of rare and very rare languages;
  • 10,000 hours of consecutive interpreting with State departments and public and private services;
  • 6,000 hours of interpretation, cultural mediation and legal consultancy over the phone;
  • 40,000 pages translated.
  • Over 10 years of involvement in international level conferences and seminars.

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Fax: 06.833.909.52
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