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ITC guarantees translation, interpreting and mediation services in even in technical, scientific, medical, judicial-legal, economic-commercial, humanistic, literary (and for publication generally) fields as well as for publication and dissemination material, brochures and catalogues, digital supports.
Seeing as international level specialist skills and in depth knowledge of the specific language are a guarantee of high quality and professional results, the Cooperative employs interpreters, translators and mediators with a profound understanding of their reference sectors. These collaborators are also available for conferences, meetings, congresses, negotiations and presentations. Our mother-tongue professionals are constantly updated on the specific terminology required in each field and can guarantee accurate and thorough high quality translations of the materials presented.

The members of our international staff are selected on the basis of their qualifications, their true skills and their striving for continuous professional improvement. An accurate selection of the curricula; the verbal and written verification of their skills; constant monitoring of the quality of services rendered are essential conditions of employment of our professional collaborators whose work must comply with the Professional Code of Ethics for interpreters, translators and mediators.

Quality - exclusive employment of mother tongue interpreters, translators and mediators and the personal selection of specialist professionals for rare and very rare languages;

Mediation Capacity - management of critical situations, steering and support for inclusion in the employment and social environment;

Impartiality - in the performance of written and oral translations (without omissions, additions or personal interpretations);

Confidentiality - regarding professional secrecy. We have access to sworn interpreters and translators with court and constabulary certifications;

Neutrality - between foreign client and institutional personnel;

Flexibility and resource availability – our interpreters are available throughout the entire national territory and can be summoned, depending on the customer's requirements, at short and very short notice;

Equipment - for the supply of interpreting services and language teaching ITC can rely on advanced technological supports, such as video-conferencing and e-learning that offer considerable opportunities for cost reductions for the client and speedy performance of the services. We can provide the necessary sound equipment required by the client and even have our own mobile interpreting booths;

Organisation - we organise and coordinate the service down to the last detail while constantly striving to deliver the best quality – we meet deadlines, have an efficient information flow, and guarantee contractual compliance.

The Cooperative in numbers

  • over 2000 selected collaborates spread throughout the entire country;
  • over 100 interpreters of rare and very rare languages;
  • 10,000 hours of consecutive interpreting with State departments and public and private services;
  • 6,000 hours of interpretation, cultural mediation and legal consultancy over the phone;
  • 40,000 pages translated.
  • Over 10 years of involvement in international level conferences and seminars.

Contact Us

Via La Spezia, 6 - 00182 Roma
Tel. 06.489.052.15
Fax: 06.833.909.52
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